Thai Superstitions about Washing

Here are some more Thai superstitions and old wives tales from Thailand:

(1) Do not wash you clothes on the same day a relation is cremated, because the ghost will come and take you away
(2) Do not wash your clothes during the night-time because you will become sick whenever you wear these clothes
(3) Do not wash the mosquito net in the canal because a crocodile will attack you
(4) Do not wash the plates of food that a neighbour gave you because you will hate each other
(5) Do not wash your plates at night-time because you will wash away your money
(6) Do not wash your hands together with other people because you will die together
(7) Do not wash your rice cooker at night-time because you should save some for the house ghost

Source: Translated from “Boran Oo-bai” by Sanom Krutmeuang

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