Our Multi-Cultural Family

Travel, my interest in other cultures, and being raised in a multi-ethnic metropolis such as Los Angeles have all contributed immensely to the direction my life has taken. Thailand is a part of me. I share a great admiration for all things Thai (especially my wife and son).

I am happily married to my wife and we are raising our young son here in Los Angeles, California. We maintain two homes, one in California and the other in Bangkok, where we divide our time. My son was born at Bumrungrad Hospital in 2003 and hold dual citizenship for Thailand and the United States. Though he is currently growing up here in the US it is our desire that he learn as much as possible about his Thai roots & culture. Since my Thai is limited to a few key words and phrases the job of teaching the Thai language to our son has fallen upon my wife. She does communicate with him in Thai and its clear to us that he understands. As he grows older we will enroll him in Thai language courses at our neighborhood Wat Thai.

Many “farang” who choose Thailand as their vacation destination end up falling in love with its atmosphere & vibe. I was one of those backpackers who became enamored with Thailand after my first visit in 1999. I didn’t stick to the regular backpacker haunts such as Khao San Road & the south. That scene was not my thing. I prefer the northern regions of Thailand and it is there where my family and I return time after time.

I hope to add more of my personal experiences in Thailand and more stories about my multi-cultural family. At the moment I am here at work so its been a bit difficult putting my thoughts down here in Thai-blogs. I hope to be able to get to know more of you & share in your interesting stories about Thailand.

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