Thailands Small Eateries.

All around Bangkok one finds small eateries serving Thai cuisine till late in the evening. It is not possible to locate these while traveling in a taxi or a car. Even on a lonely by-lane there would be many of these small restaurants.

All these establishments are managed very innovatively by women. The moment you walk in you can place your orders, and hot food would be served to you in less than five minutes. Apart from the standard fare, you can also suggest your own menu, following which; a new dish could be prepared.

In Moong Thong Thani, one such eatery was run by a lady who used to teach her kid in one of the tables when the pressure of customers was less. No sociological study perhaps has been made on these enterprises: how is the capital formed, who takes care of the daily purchases, how is the pricing done and what possibly is the profit. I have not seen any profile of these places, but it is for sure that many a customer would find here a tasty bite and have a unique experience.

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