Mac’Zilla: World Traveler, Baby Adventurer

Baby Adventurer: Our son Mac'Zilla

Meet my son Mac’Zilla. Well, his given name is McKinley Nile (named after the tallest North American mountain & the Nile river in North Africa) but we like to affectionately call him Mac’Zilla the Hun. My little guy came into this world of ours in 2003 when he was born at Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. I think he is a born backpacker and for a 21 month old toddler he’s already got a strong travel resume.

Backpacker Baby

He took his first airplane flight across the Pacific Ocean by the time he was 2 months old. Since that first flight our baby Mac’zilla has flown on 21 airplanes thoughout his travels to 8 countries.

Mac'zilla in Laos

He’s a tough traveler & I’m sure he’s tougher than a lot of grown people I know. With little fuss he’s endured long flights, longer drives, elephant treks through the jungles of Chiang Mai, Bangkok traffic jams, put up with Burmese border guards, taken rides on thundering loud fast boats across the Mekong, camping trips to Death Valley, California, weekend jaunts to Mexico, long lay overs in Taiwan, Temple hopping in Kyoto, snow blizzards in Utah, and played on the beaches from south Thailand to Southern California. Oh, did I forget to mention that he was “made in Cambodia”? But I assure you he is all Thai-American!

Mac'zilla in Kyoto, Japan

I should also mention that his nickname came about after a trip we took to Kyoto, Japan. What could be more appropriate a name for an active, enthusiastic toddler boy who is romping around Japan? Mac’zilla (as in Godzilla). We call him Mac for short.

Mac at home in Bangkok

Pictured above is our son Mac with his two cousins in our Bangkok home. The photo was taken in August of 2004.

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