Thank you, BTS security!

A few days ago was still in my first week of this semester so I hang around Siam Square (popular square for Bkk’s people especially teenagers to spend time and money at due to heaps of entertainment) for a while because I felt like I didn’t wanna go back home yet although I knew it with all my heart, my mind, my soul and even every hair pore in my skin told me that it was time for me to start preparing myself for the big coming exam to enter the university .. but I still obeyed my quiet darker side (C’mon it’s still the first week) :p

At one moment, I realized it was nearly getting dark and I could sense my mum worrying about me somehow so I got on the skytrain as usual in order to go home which was going to be a long long way ahead. That day, as the first days of school’s start, there were ‘welcoming juniors’ activities after school but I didn’t enjoy it much coz it was juniors’ time.. My friends and I, as seniors, already did it last year. Then a couple of juniors came in (ran in actually because of hearing the ‘beep beep beep’ sound, which usually makes people run crazily to get on the train just in time, from the train’s driver) and stood next to me. I heard them talking about activities in the evening and I was eager to know about it so I put my bags (bag on the back and school handbag) down on the floor (while observing other people, if you have experienced getting on the BTS sky train, you would know what I mean :p staring at one another) behind me and started to listen.

They talked about how self-confident juniors were but none at all from freshmen, how funny things happened and how problems occured. I felt it touching my heart and my memories inside since then.. last two years, I was in the position of being welcomed then last year, I got a chance to welcome my own, it’s my last year here ~ I’m leaving my beloved school real soon. I wondered how fast time passed..well, I guess one old saying is true, “Time of happiness always pass us by too soon but when being sad or desperate, it seems to stay with us forever”. I didn’t want to think of the last day, tears.. hugs ~ and words like goodbyes, I would be too sad to easily imagine. But I can see I haven’t started reading books, maybe I will fail, perhaps I can’t attend any universities.. well, that would be great, I could stick around here in my school for one more year! It seemed to be a pretty good idea then I went back conciously and told myself whiningly, “Wake up Bow! You’ve gone crazy” :p

Soon, the conversation was over and I finally heard “Next station, Onnut, terminal station, thank you!” 🙂 I sent my messages through the wind telling mum “I’m coming!”, got my bag and got out of the train hurriedly because it was already dark. I got down the stairs ..slowly then waited (and also breathed heaps of CO) for the bus.. 10 min, 20 min, 30 min.. at 32nd min, the bus came! I got on it and discovered loads of tuna(ppl) in the tin(bus) ~ I gotta stand people different smell who stood so close around me and stand without knowing when I could get a seat and knowingly percepted that I might not get any seat at all till I got home .. I searched for money in my pocket and found exact 11bht as a bus fee 🙂 I smiled cuz I knew money keepers love coins and exact amount of fee ..then I grabbed the pole next to me and ‘WHY MY HANDS ARE SO EMPTY?!” “ARENT THEY TOO EMPTY?!” – – “THIS’ ODD!” ..”Oh, my Buddha, I forgot my school handbag(containing of two new maths books, mp3 player and my own purse)!!”

I got out of the bus at the next stop and walked back with the darkness surrounded to the sky train station ~ praying all the way back there .. I ran up the escalator directly to the nearest security ~ There it was! My very own darling baggy ~ !! I signed and confirmed my name for it 🙂 I got it back at last!!! Felt so relieved.. wouldn’t be any happier to get anything..just one thing good in a day full of bad luck like that (it started since the cats and dogs rain in the morning which caused flood everywhere in my village that I didn’t know how to get out of the house)..

I used to be annoyed of those securities ~ because I always got out of the train at the last station and I could get a seat just one station before Onnut..always, so when I arrived, I wanted to sit a little least one more second would be great ~ as soon as the doors opened, security came in to check if there’s anyone or anything left and I always got bundled off ‘gogo!! last station!’ – -” but after this happened, I have changed my feelings to be in love with these securities lol!!!

Although there are accidents happening from BTS or MRT sometimes because machines don’t have thoughts and authentic brains .. but I’m now sure that there’s at least one thing I can truly rely on and that is caring system caused by real human beings who are technically our planet earth’s friends 🙂 ~

Don’t worry if you forget or lose or anything sth on the transportations “up there” here in Thailand because they’ll be responsible for it and will try the hardest to get it back to us 🙂

PS. I get nothing for presenting this, by the way :p

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