Kroissant at Siam Jusco, Laksi

At Siam Jusco, Laksi, in Chaengwattana Road, there used to be a lovely tea and pastry shop called Kroissant. It was situated at the entrance on the left side of the shopping complex. The décor was modern with small circular tables and steel chairs. You could enter the tea house through a swinging glass door.

There were many varieties of tea. Jasmine tea had a very strong flavour. My favourite used to be apple tea and cherry tea. Cherry tea especially reminded one of cherry blossoms and cherry orchards.

Kroissant also served exquisite cakes and pastries. Once I encountered my instructor Mr. Park (from South Korea) there along with his wife. Needless to say that my bills that day were paid for by the affectionate couple.

When I revisited the place in 2002, August, Kroissant had moved out. I hope it continues to function from some other premises. Good products and services should be supported so that they do not go out of the market.

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