Music in Bangkok’s Lips.

The city of Bangkok has music all around, whether it is on top of the world at Baiyoke Tower, or in a small hall hosting a gathering of welcome or farewell. Thai music itself is foot tapping, you can break into dance the moment the music is played. Some songs are very soulful like Loi Krathong.

Bangkok however has exceptionally good knowledge about western music. Recently in a farewell party in Bangkok, I sang Frank Sinatra’s “Saying Something Stupid”. Immediately after, a Thai friend told me that the song had also a Thai version. Karaoke has brought out the singing talents in many of Bangkok’s people. Even people from near by countries like Philippines and Indonesia have added colour. At one time in Baiyoke Tower a Filipino Band used to play good music.

Some songs that I have heard sung in Bangkok are old classics like Sinatra’s “Stranger in the Night” and “My way.” In fact the Head of an Institution in Bangkok has written words following My Way and has made it his Institution’s Signature Tune.

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