First trip with my boyfriend

“Why does it take so long?!”
“Is he lost?!” asked Bow to Richard over and over while waiting for Mike and Joel getting out of the airport.

Then the white cute (lol) guy walked nearer and nearer.. Mike was really there.. It was the first moment I met my boyfriend for the first time in 2 years of our relationship.

Mike and Joel stayed at Richard’s place. There are Gor and Tai there, too. It was a nice place with cable TV, air-conditioning and also free breakfast!! Wicked, isn’t it? Anyway, it was the first time I met my boyfriend and I really had no idea how to act :p We were kind of nervous at first, a little bit hesitated to talk (although we had been on the phones hundred times already lol) but I felt like “I cannot let it be like this, it’s our first time together, it’s gotta be the most amazing period!”. So I told him to meet me the next day at the top of my soi (won’t waste any time) in the morning because I had to catch up with some exams (I missed it because I went to Japan).

I waited..1 – 2 -3 and finally 5 minutes passed, he was still somewhere, didn’t show up yet. I was so worried because he didn’t even know what his address was yet so if he really got lost, he might not be able to get back home. Then I told myself to wait for 5 more minutes, it wouldn’t be that late and there he came! 😀 We went to school together for a few days and at last I could finish my final exam and my grades turned out not so bad hehe 🙂 I was glad.

I was free of school since then so we (including his friend, Joel) started to hang around!

Crocodile farm, the biggest one in the world! We didn’t see much because of rain. I thought we could stay a little longer somehow (Well, we paid for entrance already) so I asked them if they wanted to try crocodile soup but that made everyone go straight to the taxi to go back back home :p

Then a boat trip to see lives along the rivers in Bangkok and the snake farm so we were too late to enter Prasri Rattana Sassadaram Temple, that’s why we got a picture of exterior only hehe.

We also had lunch at MK restaurant with Dada Stevenray!! It was his shout, thank you so much!!! Was one of the best meals 🙂 (cuz it’s free, JK!)

We visited Ancient City, too. It was amazing there! So enormous and everything looked so real. There were bikes and some kind of bus provided, we took bikes 🙂 so it was a little bit of an adventure tour. We were so tired after seeing some beautiful constructions and at last Joel said ‘I’m hungry’. We dropped by a wooden restaurant there and I ordered heaps :p. Joel : I said I was hungry but not that I could eat a horse. – -” Sorry, man I thought you were that hungry. The funny thing about us eating al-together was they always let me decide and what I decided always torture them especially hot and spicy stuff. Joel, again, : As soon as I’m back to Aus, I’ll go find fish and chips! rotflmao!!! Well, better behave (including eat) like Thai when being in Thailand, by the way, dudes.

Sadly, Joel went back after two weeks had past but Mike still wanted to stay 2 more weeks. I had noone to laugh at and Mike had no-one to talk to at night. So I took Mike around as much as I could and one day, my granny took us to the national museum. We had fun altogether becasue Mike so admired my granny and she so liked him (always invited him to eat at our house).

And the last day came.. I was at school, Mike was already at the airport, waiting. I thought I would be too late coz I was busy finding something for him ~ just to make him remind of me a’.. finally, I found “a ring”. I took a cab and was there just in time. We waited for the check-in time, in complete silence. I wanted to say a lot like usual but somehow I just chose to be quiet instead. I guess I was too sad to say anything, we had a really great time together, we laughed a lot (Mike even did T-T once coz of laughing too much!).. and I didn’t wanna let him go. I gave him a ring, he gave me back some pills :p I used to give him to cure his headache. And at last, the check-in time ..which was the time he should be on the plane already! So he was in a rush.. I saw him again but he was far away, I shouted his name..maybe it didn’t come out ~ because I felt like drowning. He didn’t hear.. and eventually, he was out of my sight. I took a cab .. I cried a lot ~ The taxi driver was curious for sure but he didn’t ask anything. I kept crying ~ waving to the plane passing by alone like an insane person .. but Mike, I would trade anything to be an insane person in everybody’s eyes as long as your heart stays with me 🙂

I was so sad for a while but now I’m back ~ strong once again. I take all the happiness and beautiful memories we drew together to keep me live days after days. I now know the reason to stay in this world. I miss you every minute of every day.. I’m looking forward to meeting and being with you once again soon …. although that time may take forever but believe me, I won’t leave you ..never. You’re the one I’m breathing for..thanks so much for everything you have done and given me..thank god also for creating human beings and thank your mum for giving you birth…

*I don’t know if I’ll still be alive tomorrow
I don’t know when the world’s going to end
I don’t know what will happen if the red rain falls and the moon turns blue
But the only thing I know is I do love you*

It was the busiest but happiest rainy holiday I’ve ever had.

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