Thai Rice with Generosity

In the basement of the Central Plaza, Lad Phrao, there is an excellent food court. The massive hall is full of food stalls made of glistening steel and chromium. There is pearl white boiled rice as the main dish, along with hundreds of other dishes to go with it. Food is served in attractive bowls and plates made of bone china. At lunchtime the whole place is full of customers.

I had been there in the recent past with a friend of mine from Nepal. I ordered plain rice with a dish of small prawns and mushrooms with asparagus. The dish was cooked well with soy sauce and the flavour of thyme. My friend also chose the same accompanying dish, but by the time he ordered, the quantity of the prawn mushroom dish had been reduced from a standard serving.

The lady who was vending the dish on her own reduced the price of the food for my friend from the standard 30 Bath to 20 Bath. It was a delicious lunch to remember after a long forenoon of shopping in the Central Plaza, Lad Phroa. The food was not only good; it was perhaps made better by the generosity of the vendor.

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