How’s like to be in the best school?(2)

“Days and years have passed, but love for Triamudom still remains
Lotus pool, teacher and friends’ voices still repeat in mind over and over

Ruk T.U. (Love Triamudom), wish you’ll always stay forever
Ruk teachers and friends, truly and deeply inlove with you all
Ruk T.U. as if an ornamental pin for a topknot…”

Then the music started to be turned down and down and silence at last..
I suddenly remembered it was the last day of year 10..first year in this school.

No longer freshy? I was going to be a junior, year-11 girl..Time had passed too soon and that caused me tears…

I couldn’t hold back times.. smiles, laughs, singing, dancing and booming with friends and seniors – – all I could do was only wish I could go back and gain every single second’s experience..wish I never wasted it.

“Hi! What’s your name? ..Nice to meet you!” “You don’t have money today? Ah, I can lend you” “You don’t understand this, let me try explain it to ya!” “What’s wrong today? It’s ok..It’s going to be fine ~ I’m always here for you- – here is my shoulder!” and etc. were all generous words I never thought I could get this much friendship from school full of studious people like this- – now it would happen as a cycle to those who were becoming next year’s freshmen..instead ~

Nothing I could do by that time. No need to live in desperation, I should have gotten up, be a good role model for those freshmen and do something for the school I love ~ I decided to be a school’s presenter, one of students’ committees that year. More unforgettable memories started to fill in my life since then:

Starting with cleaning our SC’s room!

Welcoming freshmen

Visiting and joining STEP program in Singapore at Greenview Secondary School

Loy Kratong’s MC at school ~ with Fort, vice students’ committees’ president

Winners that day

Here came the last work for this year >>

Prom’s staff

30 lives of us had been through lots of work and troubles together. I so thank you all for being born, meeting me, helping me and being my cronies. There were some times I felt like crying at first but you all have kept me alive. Being SC was the most exhausting experience imaginable.. but it was worth it to earn the whole experiences as the wage. Although, we argued sometimes, some friends were even hard to bear ~ but at the same time, some were too good to be true but whether how good or suck:p we were, we’re still friends. Frienship’s like glass, hard to make (at first) but easy to break but I see we all are cherishing it the best we can and that’s the only way to keep the glass be the glass forever.. won’t forget any of you, remember I am always here whenever you need me 🙂

with students’ committees

ได้ชื่อว่า ต.อ. ย่อมพอใจ
The thing that hasn’t change is still around
Which is the love of our own pride
Being T.U., u must be proud
Our gorgeous emblem is the greatest forever**

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