The Lady with the Golden Heart..

Mrs. Ratsamee Aswahanrit was a participant with me in an International training course in Bangkok in 1989. We were twenty other participants in the wonderful training Institute at Chaengwattana Road, Laksi. In order to make other participants at home, she developed the habit of inviting foreign participants to lunch at lunch break. I was invited to a sumptuous course in a restaurant by the river Chao Praya. The course started with rice pearl candies and the most interesting item was tiger prawns cooked with garlic.

On her birth day all of us were invited by her and her husband to an authentic Thai Restaurant. it was situated in sylvan surroundings and the evening was great with lots of songs. In the menu, I found crab balls cooked with coconut milk simply out of the world. Mr. Ratsamee had another novel idea for the party. Each of us were given lottery tokens and one of the participants won an emerald gem stone.

When I went back to Bangkok in 2002,the first thing I wanted to do after landing was to see her. When I asked about her well being and address from my friend Kirati, I was shocked to learn that she had passed away in a head on collusion. She had a large Toyota pick up and could adjust many of us in the two rows of seats. Once we had gone to Samutprakarn crocodile firm. I should have told her then not to drive so fast; but then not all my tears now could bring her back. Where ever she may be, for me she is the Lady with the golden heart.

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