Thai Fruit 02

Last weekend, I was in Chantaburi which is famous for its large variety of tropical fruit. When we were driving down the road, we saw many pick-up trucks piled high with fresh fruit. We also passed many orchards growing fruit such as rambutans (see above) durians and pineapples. We are now moving into a new fruit season so I thought I would take some pictures of fruit that I didn’t manage last time.

Durian: too-rian ทุเรียน
Zalacca (sweet variety): sa-la สละ

Dragon Fruit: gao-mung-korn แก้วมังกร
Rambutan: ngoh เงาะ

Sugar Apple: noi naa น้อยหน่า
Santol: gra-torn กระท้อน

You know, the best thing about these markets stalls along the side of the road is that they are very keen for you to try the fruit for yourself. No pressure to buy. Though I did end up with quite a few kilos of fruit! My favourite amongst the above is still rambutan. It is about golf ball size and has a white/opaque colour. The taste is similiar to lychee.

I still have more photos of Thai fruit to “collect”. I will write more about the individual fruits at a later time.

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