Traditional Thai Dress

Thai Traditional Dress

Hi everyone! So many great blogs lately that I really had a writers block for my blogs. Anyway, on our last trip to Thailand my daughter and I came across a photo studio inside MBK shopping center. For the bargain price of only $66 or B3000(probably less at some other places), we were transformed into traditional Thai royalty. It took us more than an hour to get dressed, so much attention to detail, from the hair, make-up, dress, and jewelry. The photographer would not allow the typical posing for a picture smile, he told us we had to have a “smirky” smile. Everyone at the studio was so friendly, they even bought us lunch! We waited 20 minutes for our photos. We got at least 10-15 assorted print sizes, in color, black/white, sephia, many different poses,and a CD to print more. Our hair even lasted two whole days!!This was ultimately our most cherished souvenir!!

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