Traditional Thai Dress

Thai Traditional Dress

Hi everyone! So many great blogs lately that I really had a writers block for my blogs. Anyway, on our last trip to Thailand my daughter and I came across a photo studio inside MBK shopping center. For the bargain price of only $66 or B3000(probably less at some other places), we were transformed into traditional Thai royalty. It took us more than an hour to get dressed, so much attention to detail, from the hair, make-up, dress, and jewelry. The photographer would not allow the typical posing for a picture smile, he told us we had to have a “smirky” smile. Everyone at the studio was so friendly, they even bought us lunch! We waited 20 minutes for our photos. We got at least 10-15 assorted print sizes, in color, black/white, sephia, many different poses,and a CD to print more. Our hair even lasted two whole days!!This was ultimately our most cherished souvenir!!

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  1. If you are ever in Chiang Mai and want to do it all again, there is a similar studio in the the Chiang Klan Night Market building, Chiang Klan Road -cost unknown – but some of the pics on display outside are of really good quality – although some of the farangs dressed in traditional Thai dress look slightly ridiculous !

  2. Last January, when I was in Bangkok, I was looking a photo studio where I can take a picture with Thai dress but no luck at all… Maybe next time, I should try again….

  3. That’s a beautiful picture of the two of you. I have noted this place down for the next time my mom and I go back to Bangkok.

  4. Ntxhais Vaj

    So nice, two days and your hair was still nice and pretty? Dang! What did they do staple it one? Just kidding. I can’t help but notice and have to question this: Are the garlands real or plastic? Either way they’re still nice.

  5. Ntxhais Vaj: The secret to the “bun do” is lots of hair teasing and a whole can of hairspray! I tried to undo it the first day but it wouldn’t move.. (hee-hee 🙂 The garlands were plastic… looks real huh?

  6. Thai land is my soul.Becuse I am a thai famely in India(NE )part. I will go 2 thailand one mor

  7. I did the same thing! Found a studio in Bangkok at the mall. Perfect souvenier!

  8. I went to MBK and got my self a nice souvenir 2.Only that i looked funny but i had lots of fun specialy with the ladyboys who did my make up and hair,I am a half thai half arab so i understod all what they were saying about me i didnt tell them till I was done lol they were just sooo funny to talk 2 loved it love the food cant wait to get back there

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  10. I am intrested with thiland people to make friends, I like to learn many thing about them.

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  12. I wonder if there are any similar studio here in the USA?? if so, please let me know. If there isn’t, I’ll see if I can book a vacation this year to go and take pictures.

  13. Hai, i am looking this kind of studio in bangkok, could you please inform me where in MBK i s the studio located? thank you for the help