Fruit-opia continues

Since we are talking about Thai fruits, and P’Alice brought up durian in the comments. I must share with you my t-shirt design.

I do have an online store with t-shirts along the same line of Thai-ness called “Siamese Pixie Store”. At this moment, the store is under remodeling as I’m thinking the store through. A fellow blogger uses his store to make money for charity. So I’m thinking about doing the same thing. I will definitely keep you posted on when it is back up and running again.

*UPDATE: The store is up and running. Please visit the Siamese Pixie Store. Proceeds go to charity.

My apology for the lack of actual writing material. I’m on a deadline for a project at work that I have to use my home computer to create. So that’s the 8-hour day plus a few more hours at home every night this week. I haven’t really seen my husband all week because of this! But at least I banked enough comp time to have Friday off now. Hahah.

I should be back to my usual self about mid week next week. In the meantime, expect more off the tangent randomness from the OakMonster.

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