Rubbing shoulders with Bkk’s Governor!

“There it is!! We’re reaching!!,” said Bow to Prakarn, Jane and Ajarn Pattama.

“Whoa it’s real, are we really gonna find him there!?,” excitingly asked Bow.

That’s Bangkok’s City Hall (Bangkok Metropolitant Council) where Apirak Gosayotin (present Governor) is working and he’s the one we are looking for!

At 2.30pm on the dot, Apirak walks towards us. He apologises that he has kept us waiting. Well, we had arrived early but it’s him being there right on time! No need to say sorry!! Then we (Prakarn and I, as the main interviewers) sit in our seats preparing to talk to him. Wonder why we chose him!? It’s because he used to study at our school, Triamudomsuksa and now he’s successful 🙂

He studied Science-Maths program at high school then he continued studying Science at Chulalongkorn University (the most popular one) but he didn’t like it. He, as a 17-year-old boy, wanted to live on his own so he took entrance exam once again and went to study food science faculty in Chiang Mai instead. After finishing Bachelor Degree, he didn’t think it’s enough yet so he studied MBA and finally finished Master Degree. He began to work as an employee in many companies such as Orange, Coke, Dtac and etc. For over twenty years he has been working as an employee and one day he could be a manger. After working for a while;

“Asking myself, I’m not that old and instead of keep working here for another twenty years and retire to live at home when I am 60, I’d rather choose to work for others and that’s the start of me being a governor”

Since he was elected, he never sits still, doing or thinking nothing. Bangkok and his people are what he’s been thinking and caring about always. Glad, Bkk ppl? He thinks of us! :p

“I, personally, think that Bangkok’s a big city which is the center of all stuff; economics, education, travelling etc. Actually, Bangkok itself, according to the census, consists of 5-6 millions people only but there are a lot of people from rural areas that have moved here without moving their records with them in order to work only and go back home in the evenings or something like that. It makes Bangkok carry over 20 million people in total. We have only 80,000 public officials so it’s not a piece of cake to control it all so I use the principle called “Tammapiban (Rectitude Protection)” which comprises 3 things:

1. Legal Justice : consistence among adminstrators which go along well with laws, way of life and traditions
2. Participating : there are alternative ways for society’s members to choose and learn
3. Transparency : signigficant practice like in E-Auction, GFMIS and etc.”

After talking for a while, it’s time we have to send him back to his meetings (I did see lots of his sweat when he showed up at first, too) so he gives some cool things that we can adapt and use in real life;

“Working or to do anything -anything, we should set our life’s goal first. Second, we have to have efforts, never ever ever ever give up and third patience it’s what is needed. Don’t give up easily when meeting some obstacles. That come to face us? Face them back, be patient, use your brain and everything will work out just fine. We also need somebody to talk to whenever we can make it or fail, we gotta share ideas and thoughts like me, I’ve got a family to talk to.”

Also some things for those who may want to be like him in the future as a politician or manager;

“Search your own self what you like because if we can do whatever we like, you’ll have the heart to do it as long and as much as you can. Search what’s weak and what’s strong in you. Some like to go out to meet people, some don’t. Some like to be a teacher but some think it’s the last thing they’ll do. For me, I’m good at managing organizations, goods and services mostly. I met lots of people so I got experiences from it. Also, I’ve been interested in everything about politics since I was a kid, if there was any news about the elections, I always watched and learned it. It’s just I wasn’t ready that time, I gotta wait till everything’s ready. I have a family, I’ve got experiences and most importantly, I’ve got my heart and soul ready to go for it and sacrifice for my own Thai friends so I started.”

Aww man ~ I have been very into it right now but nation calls (him) so we all have to leave now. Thank you so much for every single thing, anyway. Good luck at everything and take care so that you can take care of us for a long time 🙂 Khun Apirak 🙂 “Khorb Khun” ka!!!

Despite his cuteness and politeness, he’s a great talker, a great senior, great father (although he sent his son to study in England instead of our school :p) and also our great leader. Gosh- – what a perfect gentleman!!

**Factors which indicate we’re successful or not, don’t judge from objects like big houses, limos, hi-so cars or those stuff. Sometimes, being successful in things are not happy after all cuz we may lack of virtues and real happiness of lives**

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