Ode to Nam Dokmai Mangoes

My heart breaks
My soul aches
For your sweet fragrant

Images haunting
Memories daunting
Nothing could possibly
Take your place

Same skin on the
Same color on the
But never the same

I shall desire no more
I shall ask no less
For just one taste
Your flesh
In my mouth
Your scent
I consume

There would be
Enough room
Within me
For some
Coconut sticky rice?

I swear to god I’m not on drugs. I’m just REALLY tired I had to finish stuff for work at home and my frickin’ Distiller won’t work properly. *sigh*

Additional note: This is in a style of “Glon Cha-gnon” – Puzzling Poem – a term my friends and I came up with for random somewhat rhyming nonsense of a poem, if you’d even call it that. We’re slightly inspired by Su Boonliang and the funny (yet poignant) folks of Samnak Sitr Sadue, with a touch of off-the-wall influence of the band Chaleang. Indeed. I am oldschool. 😉

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