How’s like to study in the best school in Thailand? (1)

I’m now studying in Triamudomsuksa school, which’s believed to be the best high school in Thailand. Each year, more than 80% of our grade 12’s students can attend universities both in Thailand and other countries. This institution has already produced leaders for Thailand for more than 65 years. But what’s it like for me as a student there?! Is it stressful? Full of competitions, big thick glasses and big piles of books?! Can I, a little girl from suburbs, really survive? I was worried at first, too because I got a quota (from showing my grades, my portfolio and did a little interview) and I didn’t take the most tough test like others. But since the very first step I took into the school after I could get in totally changed all my former thoughts to something a whole lot better..

The first day of impressions started when we went to school’s football field to check if we could make it or not, there were laughters, tears and even some sent to the hospital (It’s true! Some couldn’t make it and passed out). It’d be general if it’s just that (went to check and went to celebrate or straight back home) but groups of seniors made it extraordinary!! They came to surround us (all of us eventhough some didn’t pass the exam) in a circle and sang out loud to welcome us. At the end, they congratulated the ones who could do it and comforted others who failed by saying stuff like ‘At least, you’re a part of Triamudom and don’t worry Triam’s not everything, you may gain something better later in your life :)’ and that made some even cry more.

After that, we got the first orientation. All of us (seniors and freshmen) danced like crazy al-together while enjoying activities. There was a play which was funny and also taught us heaps of attitudes. And at the end of it, lights out, beautiful songs (school’s songs) came along with fleet of candles’ lights.. we all sang together and at last we ‘boom’ in a circle. When we were about to leave the school, seniors gathered around to tie little white strings on our wrists and wished us luck at the same time. What a warm family!! We did have ‘welcome freshmen’ orientation set up by seniors, too and it was so kewl. Everyone still talks about it although those days had passed long time ago but it’s always been etched right here on our hearts forever.

Then the first year (Mattayom 4) started, I could have a group of close friends consisting of 12 people! We had lots of fun together especially on Fridays because we studied only half day (Guys gotta go to study soldiers stuff :p Poor you, man). We always ate together, took photos together and sang karaoke together!! If you saw us doing those things, you wouldn’t believe we go to school full of elite people ‘coz we were pretty crazy :p When the exam time came, everyone asked one another to read and study together and the results were unbelievable, everybody got high marks but we’re still normal, especially me, I always failed maths at summative exams.

We have so many activities during the year which I’ll continue about in the next entry because I took part a lot in grade 11 (M.5). And at the end of the year, everyone whined ~ we wonder why time passed so fast like that, we all wished to start it all over again. Then one day, we knew that some in our class were going abroad as exchange students for a year each so we had a little party for them. We sang, ate, took photos and danced together with tears and laughs..Though we were all seperated in M.5 (the next year) but everything we experienced together lasts in our mind forever.. I’ll never ever forget our thoughtful cares we shared, I promise.

Damn (:p), I’m inlove with this home sweet home 😀

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