Bow!! A little girl from Thailand

Well, I’m Bow, a 17-year-old girl who lives in Samut Prakarn and studying in Bangkok. I am studying in Triamudomsuksa School and I’m going to be a grade-12 girl in a week! Not only I’m excited, but also worried because I’m going to take big exams to attend the university soon and there are heaps of problems around here in the Thai educational system right now and I haven’t started studying yet :p but I want to study about political science in the best university here so I gotta work hard ~ I’ll do my best!!

I used to study at Sriwittayapakanam School. I know Richard, Gor and a lot of people there. I feel so lucky to be able to get to know them because if without them, I couldn’t be this far. I always dreamed to be good at something. My mum sent me to ballet, piano and also drawing extra classes. I could go ok in those class but because it’s too much and one day, my mum didn’t have money for me to keep on doing it so I quit. Two years later, I could be in Primary 6/1 and luckily, we were Richard’s charges. He took very good care of us, he expidited us to talk and he gave us chances! Once, I tried answering in his English class, he replied back! That was the start.

I became enthusiastic in studying and practising English. I took chances to talk to him and other foreign visitors that came to our school. I enjoyed crossword club. When I left school, I went to study in Satree Samutprakarn School. I never gave up, I walked straight up to the teacher and asked her to train me to speak English then I made it, I won English story telling prize from some competitions!!

In all those years, I have known Gor, too. He was so smart, my friends and I always gossipped about him lol!!! “WHAT?!” “He won the 4th prize from crossword competition!?” “Is he a human being!?” Stuff like that :p Both Richard and Gor inspired me to do my best doing something I want to. Despite those ballet, piano and drawing lessons, I began to practise English on my own. No need to pay for any tuition and also useful, I can communicate:)

In Jp!! I'm in red dress
In Yukata with my host sis

Since I can speak English (although, it’s not perfect yet :p), I’ve wanted to go abroad. I tried a lot, I took lots of tests to get a scholarship but I never got one. Till last year, I was so lucky, my friends were singing (waiting for me) near the English department’s room at school, when I met them, one teacher came to ask if anyone’s interested in going to Singapore. I didn’t think anything, I just followed her to her room and yea, I could make it (thanks to you all, my girls ..for singing and got the teacher’s attention :p) and not so long ago I could go to Japan ~ HOW LUCKY!!! I was an exchange student in those countries. I showed our Thai culture and learned their culture back. They were really fascinating experiences 🙂 I won’t forget. I’ll write about it some time, too.

Anyway, nice to meet you all! Have fun writing and reading (-/|\-) Sawatdee!

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