Travels in Thailand

Hello everyone, my name is Lance. I am from Mississippi, USA, and I am 23 years old. I have spent a little while in Thailand over the past year. My first trip was on a military deployment to Nakhon Ratchasima from Iwakuni, Japan while I was in the Marines. This was back in March-April 2004 and also when I met my fiance, Tik. I have since been back twice…in September I returned for about 2 weeks and in December I was there for almost a month. I will be leaving on May 15 and returning for the 4th time. Tik and I have planned our wedding for May 20, 2005. I am very excited about going back and spending time with her and her family, and of course seeing more of the many sights Thailand has to offer. I will be posting photos sometime in the near future of all of my travels…stay tuned folks, take care! la-gorn na khrup…

Lance D

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