Thai Fruit

I must admit, I didn’t travel very far for the subject of my blog today. I just poked my camera out of the front door! My neighbours used to have a laundry service and now they have switched to selling fruit from the back of a pick-up truck. They seem to be doing well as they first started with an old pick-up and then recently bought this brand new one. They told me that they have to go into Bangkok to buy the fruit in the evenings. They then sell it at three locations around Samut Prakan. Finishing at the top of our Soi.

Mangosteen: mung-koot มังคุด
Longkong: Long-gong ลองกอง

Mango: ma-muang มะม่วง
Grapes: a-ngoon องุ่น

Pomelo: som-oh ส้มโอ
Longan: lam-yai ลำไย

Guava: fa-rang ฝรั่ง
Orange: som ส้ม

Santol: gra-torn กระท้อน
sapodilla: la-mood ละมุด

My favourite fruit is actually the one I forgot to photograph! It is that red hairy one in the top picture. It is called rambutan. What I will do later on is to go into more detail for each of the fruit. In the meantime, if you are in Thailand, you should be aware that there are a couple of fruit festivals on at the moment:

** The Chanthaburi Fruit Festival
(1-9 May, 2005 : Chanthaburi Sports Stadium, Chantaburi Province)

** Rayong Fruit Festival
(1 May – 30 June, 2005 : The Tapong Fruit Market, and Fruit markets and orchards throughout Rayong province)

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