Curried Fish Cakes

I was first introduced to these fish cakes, “tod mun plaa” in Thai, in the school canteen. The deep fried cakes looked interesting but I was a bit nervous of the “green” bits in them. It looked like they were green chilies. However, later, after I had started to pay an interest in how the street food was made, I soon realized that it wasn’t chili but in fact green beans!

This is quite an easy dish to cook. The ingredients include: minced spinach mackerel, red curry paste, egg, finely sliced long bean, finely shredded kaffir leaves and seasoned with salt and sugar. After being mixed in a bowl, you use your hands to make small patties about two inches in diameter. These are then deep-friend until golden brown. Very delicious. Look out for them the next time you are in Thailand.

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