Yes! A mom of three!

Thank the stars I found a family-friendly website about my homecountry that I can actually let my kids go free on. I have learned more about Thailand from this site than being one for 30ish years!

Thank you Richard for giving me the opportunity to blog about all things Thai!

A little about myself… I was brought over while still in the womb and let loose in Southern California (San Fernando Valley- specifically). My parents thought that our family would not be here for long… or just until we got a degree and then we would just move back to Thailand and I would marry a nice traditional Thai guy. Well, things changed, people changed, blah..blah blah. After my mother checked in to the Forest Lawn Memorial Park, our traditional Thai family went haywire from there. I turned rebel-American and married a Harley Love’n, beer guzzling, badboy! My honey (aka. husband of 15 years) was the answer to a traditional conservative thai girls dreams. The opposite of my controlled life…

Living up to everyone’s expectations wasn’t easy… I’ve learned to let it go. Many soap opera tears later, I got that degree and moved on with my life. Now I have 3 wonderful “loog kung” kids that are proud to represent many nationalities. My job is to educate them on their heritage and cultures. Thank you again Richard for this wonderful opportunity! I look forward to reading and sharing about all things Thai!

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