Listen to Thai Music for Free

I don’t know about you but I really enjoy listening to a variety of Thai music. If you are learning Thai, it is also a great way to tune your ears. I took the above picture last weekend at a free concert by the Thai pop group Armchair. It is amazing how many free concerts that are around. The big stars not only go to city halls and arenas but also to local schools.

If you want to listen to some Thai music but have no idea what they are saying, then you should visit one of our web sites called There are hundreds of songs there which you can listen to for free. Many of the songs have also been translated into English by members of our forum.

You might have noticed that the blog pages are openly very slowly today. That is mainly because of the large amounts of people listening to the music. You see, both of these web sites, and about 30 of our other sites, are all on the same server. In just the last five hours alone, there were 10,000 unique visitors to the music web site. Which probably means there will be at least 40,000 visitors today. These people are not just from Thailand. But from all around the world. (In comparison, is only getting 1,000 unique visitors per day but we are expecting that to double over the coming months.)

If you are not sure which song to listen to first, then visit the following page. It has charts for the most popular songs for today and for thelast 7 days.

Our music web sites include:

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