My last year in England

There’s an old saying “everything that comes, it goes”. Looks like I’ll be leaving England soon as well. I would not like to stress out why but I would say it is “personal problem”.

I would say that England is a very warm place (not the weather). I meant warm hospitality. You get chances to meet loads of different kind of people. I would never regret being here, though it is one of the best thing that has ever happen to my life. My one year here is full of hospitality. People here are very nice as many of those have had the same experience as me before. I wish to stay here longer but it doesn’t look like happening. From next month on, I would probably be going back to Thailand and start my life all over again.

Writing blogs here is a benefit for everyone as I get to compare and contrast between the two countries. I found that many things are very similar to our culture and it is adaptable. Unlike many other countries where people have difficulties adapting into.

London is lovely. I would suggest anyone who are ambitious to come and study here, you’ll never be disappointed. It might be a expensive but if you get a job, the wages are good as well. I was kind of hoping next year I would be able to work but it doesn’t look like it anymore. I would also miss my friends who are very nice to me. I’ve never had close relations with western friends. Coming to England make me learn that. I shall never regret it.

Lastly, I will not be writing another blog until I get back to Thailand as my exams are coming up. So, I guess this is my last blog here. If I ever shall come back again, I would love to!

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