Did you know you have died?

One of the best things about living in Thailand is DMC TV, or as I affectionately call it, Buddha TV. DMC TV is the media branch of the Dhammakaya Foundation, which seeks to promote meditation and Buddhist studies around world. Among its claims to fame are building the world’s largest public building, and of course, this little gem…khun roo mai, khun nan kae dtai? Produced for its kiddie show, there are no words to describe the utter genius of this music video: from the skeletons doing the Batusi, to the images of the cute puppy and kitten placed at the lyric kai, kai, kai ga dtawng dtai, to the utterly surreal image of the army of cloned nurses dancing in zombie-like synchronicity.

Of course, the message of the song rocks as well. The reason children are such obnoxious lil’ snots is because they have no sense of their mortality. Children need to learn from a very early age, as the song states, “If you’re afraid, you will die./If you aren’t afraid, you will die.” Sadly, sort of this video would never get any airplay in America due to fat ignorant soccer moms from Kansas.

Oh yeah…there is also a great kiddie music video about cock fighting, complete with dancing chickens!

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