A New Blog on the Block

Sawasdee Krab,

My name is David but everyone calls me Wit and this is my first blog ever for Thai-Blogs.com. Online my screen name is Thaiphile, for those of you not sure exactly this is the english defination for what that means.

This is me and no I am not cute and furry.

Sometimes people ask me what Thaiphile means and I explain it’s the same as an Anglophile but I get the same blank looks so hopefully my spin at being Websters Dictionary will help.

A little more about me I am 41 years old and a farang (obviously) and I live in Washington, DC here in the United States. I have been a big fan of Thailand, her people and culture for sometime now although to date I have never actually been to Thailand before. That’s not all that strange since I am not the only one as I have seen on this website and others. However, that is all set to change because eventually I plan to visit Thailand someday and possibly change careers to live and work there!

My idea for this blog was to write about some of my experiences learning about Thailand such as teaching myself on my own to speak Thai and preparing for a future life there. Also there are a lot of Thai people and Thai culture that can be found here in Washington so I thought that would be a fresh perspective for blogging writting about Thais in America.

This past week everyone in Thailand has been celebrating Songkhran, the Thai New Year. Tomorrow at Wat Thai DC, the Thai Buddhist Temple here in Maryland the local Thai citizens and plenty of farang friends will be celebrating Songkhran there with a lot of great food, music and of course my favorite, shopping! But that is only a very close favorite to another love of mine, delicious Thai food.

My next blog will be about the Songkhran festival here tomorrow with lots of pics since I bought a new digital cam just for this event. I think it will be quite fun to write about Thailand in America and my experiences so look for me at least once a week to start and we will see what happens. I hope you all bare with me as I blunder along at this 😉

Till next time,



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