Songkran in London

It has been weeks since I posted my last blog. My university coursework and exams has been suspending me from writing it. However, it is only a month away from my final exams. So I guess during these months, I won’t be able to write much.

Today I would like to talk about my weekend. It was a very interesting weekend as we celebrated Songkran in London. This is my first experience of celebrating this event abroad. It took place at a Thai temple in Wimbledon. It is the largest and only Thai temple in Europe. I can tell you that it is massive. I’ve been there before to celebrate Loi Kratong festival. Thai new year was no different. It was packed with people. Most people there were Thai but a lot of locals showed some interest by attending the temple. There were many traditional activities such as Thai traditional performances, traditional Thai music, beauty contest (Nang Song Kran) etc. There were also many food shops selling Thai food. It was a very nice atmosphere.

I very much enjoyed the day as I get to spend time with my family and friends. It is getting very late now, I must depart.

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