I am…

First, some housekeeping: I got plenty of interesting comments and questions on my previous blog; enough to warrant a follow-up so soon. Just as I thought, you guys were quick to point out that the scene is a spirit house graveyard. Nice to see that others also dwelve into details of Thai life with such interest. 🙂

Richard wrote about these places a while ago in a blog titled A graveyard for spirit houses. I remember that blog well, as I learned a lot from the discussion that followed. There is also a picture of that particular graveyard, and I thought it would be nice to compare it with pics of my own, about the one next to my house. So I uploaded a few more pictures about it onto the Blog Photoalbum (you guys check it out regularly, right?). I still have a few more pics remaining in my camera; I will upload those later.

Other: Last night I had an exciting session with Fireworks, the results of which you can see below:

Thai inside

Cool, isn’t it? 🙂 I will use this both as a blog icon, as well as an avatar for the forums. It took quite a bit of time, as I’m a complete beginner to Fireworks, but it was fun, and I learned lot of the quirks of this useful program.

Next time I will share with you some funny things I encountered during learing Thai.

Take care until then,


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