Rude T-Shirts

One of my jobs at the school is to look after foreign tourists that visit our school. I don’t actually teach summer school as I prefer to take a break and recharge my batteries instead. However, the school prinicpal asked me to go in this morning to show some tourists around the school. Their son is a scout and as he wanted to meet some Thai scouts the school had asked some of the students to dress up in Scout uniform. Normally during summer school they would where any clothes they like.

However, as you can see from the above photographs, one of the Thai students obviously didn’t understand the offensive message that was on her t-shirt. Not exactly a nice way to greet a visitor to the school. This is actually quite a common scene in Thailand. Many times I have gone to places like Big C or Tesco Lotus and seen kids wearing t-shirts with rude words on them. The majority of the time they have no idea what the words say. Some phrases even of a sexual nature and they were being worn by young girls. I used to try and tell them or the parents that the words are offensive. But, there are just too many people wearing these t-shirts these days. But, at least that one girl at our school won’t be wearing her t-shirt any time soon.

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