Cookery Books for Thai Food

I promised you a few weeks back that I will let you know about some of the cook books I have for cooking Thai food. Well, here is my first selection. Actually, the first one by David Thompson I don’t have yet. I just this second ordered from! I had seen it here in Thailand at Asia Books. But it was really expensive. Amazon has a 37% discount at the moment. As I was buying other books online I went for it. It is not your usual cook book, but over its 672 pages it does go into great detail about Thai food. It is the ideal book for people who are serious about Thai cooking.


Two other books I use a lot are “Thailand: The Beautiful Cookbook” and “It Rains Fishes”. This is mainly because they don’t just give recipes. There is a lot of background writing about each of the recipes selected. The former book is probably more of a coffee table book as it is quite large! My other well read book here is the paperback size book from Lonely Planet called “World Food Thailand”. Again, this goes a long way to helping you appreciate food in Thailand. Although it has some recipes, it is not really a cook book. Treat it like a guidebook to Thai food!

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