Lyrics for Loy Krathong

I know it seems strange talking about Loy Krathong in April, but I noticed on the statistics that so many people are looking for the lyrics for the song. As we don’t have the lyrics in the blogs, I didn’t really want them to feel disappointed. So, here they are:

November full moon shines
Loy Krathong, loy Krathong
and the water’s high in the river and local klong
Loy Krathong is here and everybody’s full of cheer
We’re together at the klong
Each one with his krathong
As we push away we pray
We can see a better day

The name of the festival can be spelled in different ways – sometimes you see loi, and sometimes you see kratong. The festival usually takes place during the full moon in November (sometimes end of October). This year it is on 16th November. Naturally I will be writing more about this nearer the time.

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