Steamed Pandanus Cake

Don’t you just love living in Thailand? Well, I do! I actually feel sorry for the people who enjoy Thai food but don’t live here. Not only is it possible to get some of the best food in the world just around the corner, but we also get it delivered to the front door! A couple of weeks ago, I told you about the Ice-Cream in a Bun guy that announces his arrival with the ringing of his small bell. This afternoon I had a visit from the lady that sells khanom thuay which is called “steamed pandanus cake” in English.

In the picture above, the hawker is scooping the cakes out of the porcelain cups onto a tray. You can just see that the cake (more like a jelly) consists of two distinct layers. The green bottom layer is made up of rice flour mixed with some mung bean flour, pandanus juice, sugar and coconut milk. The white topping is made from rice flour, salt and coconut cream. It is the pandanus juice that gives this cake its distinctive colour. The green leaves are blended with water and then the resulting green juice is strained out.

The bottom layer of this cake is cooked first in a steamer for about five minutes. Then the top layer is added and then steamed for another five minutes. It is then left to cool before serving. This great snack only costs 10 baht for a tray. I wonder who will come down our little lane tomorrow?

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