Satellite Pictures of Thailand

This is my house! I am the third house from the right. The image is starting to get blurred now. However, you can see that it is only a short walk around the corner to Sukhumwit Road. Despite being so near it is not noisey at night. At the top of my Soi (lane) is where you can find all the street food. There is also a 24 hour Family Mart on the corner.

I have now zoomed out and panned to the left showing the cross-river ferry. You can see Paknam Market on the right where you can catch a boat to the other side. On the left side is Phra Samut Chedi which is the symbol of Samut Prakan. This temple used to be in the middle of the river (in Thai it is called Temple in the Middle of the River) but the river has silted up over the years. The only island in the river now used to be an old fort. It has bats which you can see flying sometimes. You cannot land here as it belongs to the navy.

On the next page you can see Ancient City and the big Fort….

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