Crazy things people google – 02

It is the end of the month again and time to take a closer look at the statistics and the crazy keywords people type into search engines. Some things haven’t changed. People are still looking for “pictures of hairy armpits” (WE DON’T HAVE ANY PICTURES – GO AWAY!). They also still want pictures of obese people, though this time someone is looking for an “obese person in a wedding dress”! The less said about that the better. Do you remember last time someone was looking for “a guy singing dutch on the morning show”? We couldn’t help that person. Now someone is looking for a “fat dutch guy singing”! Erm, still don’t know any. Sorry.

“Thai blogs” and “Thailand blogs” are no longer the number one search phrase. Not surprisingly this has been overtaken by “thai girls”. As this is a family-friendly blog, I am afraid you won’t find any of the other “s@x” related words you might have typed into a search engine to find our blogs. Yes, we know who you are and we know what you are looking for!

This is the Why? Why? Why? category. Why do people keep searching for the “no-hands restaurant” and where is it? More importantly, how do the waiters serve the food with no hands? Next, what was this searcher thinking when they typed in “turtle hairy armpits”! What is it with hairy armpits and MSN users and who has ever seen a turtle with hair let alone hairy armpits! Actually, maybe they do. I have never really looked. Also, why on earth was someone looking for pictures of “cockroach look-alikes”? Are they shooting a movie and they are looking for a stand-in for a dangerous stunt?

I mentioned already that people are searching for pictures of obese people, but they also want, for some reason: “pictures of rotten teeth”, “pictures of people smoking”, “pictures of different hair dos”, “thailands ghosts pictures”, “pictures of big foot”, “pictures of a big foot”, “girls washing long hair photo”, “photos of girls with hairy armpits”, “photo red bread monks”, “photo terrorist in cambodia”, “big pics on the eiffel tower” and “google photos everyday japanese life”. I don’t think they would have found any of those photos on our blogs. Not even a picture of my big feet!

Some people use search engines to look for people or even animals. Has anyone seen “ning nong the thai elephant” recently? Also, has anyone seen any “poshy pinkish dogs”? People also use the internet to learn how to do things, like how to “tie fisherman pants”. So many people were searching for “fisherman pants”. Is there a new world craze to become fishermen?

Some of us pride ourselves in doing investigative journalism in our blogs. However, I don’t think anyone has done a “survey of uk massage parlours etc”, “massage parlours birmingham uk”, “disgusting food in thailand” and even “legal mushroom shakes thailand”. Are they ever legal? And why did another person type in the search engine “show all the mushroom company of thailand”? Were they planning on making some mushroom shakes too? This next searcher seems to be doing their own investigation: “why in the past indian women had smelly hairy juicy sweaty armpits”. Sorry, cannot help you there. However, I think I can help this person: “can thai people come to england on holiday”. Yes, erm, I think so.

You might be wondering how people are finding our blogs with these phrases. Well, it doesn’t really matter if all these words are strung together or not. They can be odd words scattered between different blogs. Here are some examples:

“strange things during birth” – This was a combination of different blogs. The word “birth” was taken from a bit I wrote about thai horoscope. The word “strange” was taken from the blog about eating ice-cream in a bun.

“why do most guys cheat on girls” – I guess this person wasn’t particularly interested in Thai relationships but Steve’s blogs managed to get us a number 2 ranking on MSN for this.

“indian armpits foto” – You can blame Steve for bringing this searcher to our web site (and now me of course). Steve mentioned Indian food and asked people not to try on t-shirts in the local market. Not in the same blog of course. The same group of blogs probably also helped another searcher looking for “hairy indian armpits” arrive here. I wonder if he was disappointed?

Well, I am disappointed that I missed out on this event: “model taking shower during press conference in thailand”. Sounded like fun.

Again I wish to thank our bloggers and of course our loyal readers. We are now peaking at 1,100 unique visitors each day. The weekly competitions are also going well with hundreds of entries. We will be changing the prize soon!

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