Daily Archives: March 25, 2005

Superstitions about Geckos and Mice

Old people believe that having a gecko inside the house is lucky. They believe that geckos are relations that have died and been reborn to look after their children.

(1) If you hear a gecko between 6 a.m. and noon it means that good news is on its way.
(2) If you hear a gecko between 12.01 p.m. and 6 p.m. it is a sign of something bad to come.
(3) If you hear a gecko between 6.01 p.m. and midnight it could be bad and good news coming your way.
(4) If you hear a gecko between 12.01 a.m. and 6 a.m. then it doesn’t mean anything. It is its normal cry.
(5) If you hear a gecko cry four times in a row it means that within 15 days there will be trouble in the family.

If you hear a mouse in the house then you won’t get ill. You wil get money and wealth. The people in your family will be safe from accidents. But, you should stay away from bad people because they will bring bad luck. You will receive gifts from elder relations that will bring you joy. The opposite sex will bring you wealth and you might also get promotion.

See also, Supersitions about Creatures with Tails.

Getting my fifth limb back

The raindrops keep falling on my head…
Dark, ominous clouds gathered over Doi Suthep today. Despite all the news about the nationwide drought, Chiang Mai still gets soaked occasionally, much to the relief of the residents (except for street-stall owners who lose out on the downpour).

During these rainy days, the heat recedes and the even mid-day becomes tolerable outside. In fact, I just skated around the moat at 1pm today! You can’t do that on just any day during these hot months without a serious risk of a heat stroke.

Getting mobile again
I’m exited today: finally my laptop will be fixed this evening! I will pick it up at seven pm from the shop. It was sorely missed during these months. I didn’t think I was so dependent on it, until it broke.

By this time, I completely forgot all that I learned about ten-fingered blind-typing in Thai (I use Vocatude for that, but more on that later). I had lots of programs that I was just learning how to use. Skipping months without practice puts me back to the beginning. I’m learning Flash, Fireworks and Dreamweaver, as well as FontLabs, Swish and Cool Edit Pro, among other things. Anyone remotely familiar with these programs will immediately recognize that I’m making a website – or rather, I was making one, before it all went down the drain for good.

Losing all these things wasn’t entirely without benefits. During this time I scrapped my original layout plan and the themes. I had plenty of time to think of new ways and to make up new elements. I will spend the rest of today (including late night if necessary), installing all the programs again, and making the interface more user-friendly.

One thing that I really regret losing is my game saves. I played Diablo II: Lord of Destruction for many months, resulting in a level 55 Druid on Hell difficulty. I don’t think I will touch that game anytime soon again. It’s just not gonna be the same. (BTW, Game, do you still play Diablo? I remember, it was your copy that got me hooked on it, when I played it at school! Great moments, lol).

I still have lots of things to do before picking up my laptop, so I end this entry now. But one thing’s for sure: from now on, you guys can look forward to (or tolerate, lol) more frequent blog updates from me!

Until now, I couldn’t just sit down and write anytime I had thought of something interesting to say. Now that I will have my laptop ready, I can write my blogs from the summit of Doi Suthep, watching the sunset, if I wish. Makes things easier… 🙂

See you next time!