Mini Siam in Pattaya

Probably one of the main tourist attractions in the seaside resort of Pattaya is Mini Siam. This place contains miniature replicas of many sacred places and important historical sites around Thailand. There is also a section for many of the “wonders” of the world. I went there at the weekend in order to take some pictures to share with you. If you haven’t been there yet, then I advise you to take a look during your next visit to Pattaya.

The first section you walk through includes The Arc De Triomphe (left) and the Sydney Opera house (right). You can also see St. Basil Cathedral, Tower Bridge, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, Eiffel Tower, Trevi Fountain, Coliseum, The Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore amongst others. All of these I have had the honour of seeing in real life.

The main section of Mini Siam are reproductions of historical sites from around Thailand. On the left is the Grand Palace and on the right is Wat Arun. Other locations include: Democracy Monument, Golden Mount,Wat Mahathat, the Buddha Monthol, Pathom Chedi, Don Chedi, Buddha’s Footprint and Bridge on the River Kwai amongst other locations. I have been to many important sites around Thailand but it was obvious to me that I need to travel a bit more! There are some beautiful places I haven’t been to yet.

The picture on the left shows the Khmer temple at Phimai which has been restored. The picture on the right is far more fascinating to me. It shows what Ayutthaya used to look like in its glory days before it was ransacked by the Burmese in 1767. You can see my picture of the three golden chedis here. I have been to Ayutthaya quite a few times and so I was fascinated to see how these temples and the nearby grand palace originally looked. What did London have to offer during the 17th-19th century to match this?

Please be advised that Mini Siam has a two price policy (see here). Thai adults cost 100 baht and foreigners cost 250 baht. If you want local price, you need to show a work permit. They are very strict.

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