Lucky Birthstones

Thai people believe that lucky gemstones are sorted by the day, month and year of your birth.

Lucky Gemstones sorted by Month of Birth

January – garnet and malachite
February – amethyst and opal
March – tourmaline and bloodstone
April – diamond
May – emerald
June – pearl and moonstone
July – ruby
August – amber
September – black sapphire and blue sapphire
October – opal and tourmaline
November – topaz
December – turquoise

Lucky Gemstones sorted by Day of Birth

Sunday – ruby
Monday – diamond
Tuesday – black sapphire and garnet
Wednesday – emerald
Wednesday evening – lapis lazuli
Thursday – topaz
Friday – blue sapphire
Saturday – zircon and black sapphire

If you don’t know the day you were born, then click here.

Lucky Gemstones sorted by Thai Year Horoscope

Year of the Rat – garnet
Year of the Ox – moonstone
Year of the Tiger – zircon
Year of the Rabbit – lapis lazuli or emerald
Year of the Dragon – lapis lazuli
Year of the Snake – diamond
Year of the Horse – black sapphire
Year of the Sheep – moonstone
Year of the Monkey – topaz
Year of the Rooster – garnet
Year of the Dog – emerald
Year of the Pig – lapis lazuli

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