Daily Archives: March 17, 2005

Nang Kwak

At times, Thai people can be very superstitious. Not only do they wait for auspicious times to do things, but they also rely heavily on spirits to help protect them. I guess the longer I stay in Thailand, the more in-touch I become with Thai culture and start to become assimilated. This morning, I finally bought myself a statue of Nang Kwak. This spirit is supposed to bring wealth to the household and is particularly popular with shopkeepers. The spirit is dressed in traditional Thai dress. In her left hand is a money bag and her right hand is beckoning Thai style – palm down. She is either beckoning customers to come into the store or asking for wealth to come her way. Either way, hopefully it will bring good luck to our own book store.

This spirit is known throughout Asia, though she manifests in a different form. In the same shop where I bought this statue of Nang Kwak, there was another version though this one was a beckoning cat! To me, it looked too much like Hello Kitty so I decided to stick with a more traditional image. Now all I have to do is fix up an alter and make sure I give her some offerings of things like a glass of water and maybe some peeled fruit.

Mention of “good luck” and “wealth” reminds me of a Chinese God that I once saw in a temple. This statue (see above) depicts a fiery looking Chinese man holding a large money bag in his right hand. People who want to be wealthy have to stroke the money bag with their left hand, directing it to their opened wallet in their right hand!

A blog of my own!

After blogging for a while. I finally have a blog that belongs to me. How nice is that from the webmaster’s kindness. lol….

It’s about midnight now and I have school tomorrow. So, I think I would like to cut my story short as I’m very tired right now and desperate of going to bed.

Today, I would like to briefly discuss about English weather where it has been devastating since I’ve been here. The weather here is so extreme as it could change all the time. However, today was the best day of it all because the weather was very warm. Students at my University even sun bathed! The weather was that great. In fact, it has been the warmest day ever since I arrived England.

Comparing the weather to Thailand, it is much warmer back home. I guess today’s weather would be considered “cold” in Thailand. I think it was about 18 degrees. Not so sure on that detail. However, it was fantastic to have such weather around.

I think that’s it for today. I would like to thank the webmaster for giving me an oppotunity to have my own blog and goodnight everybody…..