Why do English people like holidays?

Just to answer some previous comments. I would like to confirm that the term “train” I mentioned is the “National Railway” However, the national rail or the train is clearly different to “subway” or “tube”. As we all know, trains are much faster than tube. The tube also comes to where I live but when I travel, I consider the bus to be the cheapest method even though you have to wake up a bit earlier but it costs me less. It is not neccessary that if you live in the outskirts of London. You always have to travel by tube. Greater London is devided into 6 zones and a lot people cannot afford to live in central zone 1. So, in order for them to travel to work inside London, they must use the fastest transport which is the National Rail or the “train”. I live in zone 2, so it only takes me about 10 mins by train to central London or about an hour by bus or 30 mins by tube.

Also, yes, London makes a lot of money from transportation. As English people like it, the more antique, the more expensive it becomes. lol…. I read an article once that the cost to insure a London double decker bus costs 10 times more than normal cars. Crazy, hey????

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Today I would like to talk about why English people like to go on holidays. I have a friend right now who’s from Brighton (south-east of England). Around his place, almost everything is beaches, theme parks, casino, shopping mall etc…. Every holiday break he would take his girlfriend out to Amsterdam, Paris, Nice etc… I was very curious about this so I asked him why? He said, England is always cold and when you have a chance, you should travel around and see the world. I then, understood what he meant. However, because I have only been here 7 months, I cannot apply for a visa. Actually, I can now because you should be here at least 6 months. Still, I do not have the time or the fund to do it yet. Though, I thought England still has a lot to offer me.

I always thought Scotland should be a very nice place to visit. Everybody has been saying nice things about Scotland. I wish to go there someday. However, I have to study hard this holiday first because there’re tests coming up and I do not wish to overlook them. Some of my English friends are very fond of going to Europe. I think this is a good perspective as English people are becoming more open to the world. At least, my friends are. I do not find English people offensive or traditional at all. I feel that everyone who is English are as nice as Thai people. Since I’ve been here, I’ve made a lot of good friends who are from different backgrounds to me and are able to accept me even though maybe, their parents won’t be able to. I feel pleased to move to this country.

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