Photoalbum trivia

As I was uploading my latest pictures to the the new photoalbum for this blogsite, I noticed a few odd things about it that made me smile.

I clicked on the “most viewed” button on the main page, just to find out that one of my Lao pics is on the top with 51 views- a good thing, I guess, if it wasn’t for a little disturbing fact: the image depicts a group of Lao female shopkeepers gambling and drinking beer from bottles, while a little girl is watching on.

Hmmm, and I thought that the audience for these sites wants to learn about Thai culture and the way of life in the Land of Smiles! I would have thought that Ayutthaya, Muang Boran and Chiang Mai pictures would easily be more popular than a snippet from the Lao market scene.

To be fair, it’s probably safe to assume that the pic was Googled, and most of those viewers don’t even know about these websites. Nearly all of the other “top-viewed” pictures actually do have something to do with Thai culture.

Then I proceeded to view other stats, such as the top-rated pictures, ie. the ones that got the highest votes. (You can vote for each picture, using a scale of 1-5).

I was pleased to see that the top-score went to a Thai picture from Richard’s Muang Boran collection. It is a very nice picture indeed. 🙂 The other runner ups were some Songkran pictures, and a few of my Lao pics.

A nice feature of the blog photoalbum is its interactivity. Besides voting, users can also leave comments on any picture they found worthy of noting. I usually check out the latest comments and I reply whenever I see someone commenting on any of my pics.

Today I saw a new comment on that notorious Lao Market scene that I just wrote about. My reply also reveals the story behind that picture. Seeing its popularity, I uploaded another, very similar one. Can you find it? 🙂

One picture is worth a thousand words. Besides reading these stories, check out the Thai-Blogs photoalbum regularly, as it tells stories like no written blog can.

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