Dos and don’ts of dating a Thai guy.


Do hire a private detective for a few days, it could be money well spent.
Do get suspicious if you find names to the likes of ‘Ning’, ‘Nong’ and ‘Nat’ on his mobile, they could more more than just friends.
Do cook for him and eat together, he would much appreciate and enjoy having a warm family.
Do show the upmost respect to his parents, as they arent going to be too happy about you at first.
Do learn some Thai, you do want to verify from his friends his weekend seminars upcountry.
Do dress politely, your sexy tops will not be to his grandmum’s liking.
Do do the housework, he would very much prefer a wife that loves her new place.
Do try to stay at home as much as possible, he likes a family being together.
Do get up before him and cook his breakfast, he will love you for that.
Do put on sunblock when you go to the beach, he doesn’t want you looking like a country bumpkin.
Do stick food in his mouth at times, he loves to be pampered.
Do be of a similar age or younger than him, you don’t want him to get bored of you.
Do ask him about his hobbies and interests, he wants you to take an interest in him.
Do ask him if the relationship is going to be a serious one, you don’t need him to mess you around just for his fun of it.
Do, if you get married, register it, you will be wanting to sucker the scoundrel of his finances if he runs off with a new girl.


Don’t drink too much and definitely don’t smoke, he wants you to look presentable.
Don’t even bothering arguing, he wants you to know who is boss.
Don’t get to too open-minded, he is still a little old-fashioned.
Don’t go out at nights, he prefers a girl that stays indoors.
Don’t get too possessive, you don’t need to irritate him too much.
Don’t marry the guy just cause he has loadsa cash, you may be one wife of many in the future.
Don’t talk about marriage straight off, you don’t need to frighten the poor guy about the finances involved.
Don’t try to outsmart him, he wants to feel that he is the one with the ‘leadership’ qualities.
Don’t go telling his parents about your past boyfriends, they want their son to marry a ‘nice innocent girl.
And finally don’t answer back if he tells you off for forgetting to wash his socks, he would prefer an obedient wife.

Well, i got the idea to write this blog just yesterday actually from a Thai girl brought up in the States. So, i am writing the advice for all the Farang, Eurasian and Thai girls brought up abroad that are interested in dating a Thai guy in Thailand.

Contrary to rumour not all Thai guys cheat on their loved ones. Guys reknowned for playing around with other girls are: police, soldiers and guys with stacks a cash!

This list is pretty genuine and im not joking, a few of my Thai friends helped me to write it up. As you will see from the list, the BIG differences in mentality between Thai guys and Farang girls. That is the reason why you seldom see a Thai guy with a farang girl unless he has studied or lived abroad.

Will read your comments with interest.

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