Auspicious days for washing your hair

I told you the other week about the Thai belief that it is unlucky to get a haircut on Wednesdays (see Which days are unlucky?). Did you know, that you should also pay close attention to which day you wash your hair?!

Wash your hair on Sunday – you will live long
Wash your hair on Monday – you will be lucky and have a lot of money
Wash your hair on Tuesday – you will defeat your enemy
Wash your hair on Wednesday – bad luck, some people will say bad things about you
Wash your hair on Thursday – very good: the angels will look after you
Wash your hair on Friday – good: you will live happily
Wash your hair on Saturday – very good: the things you plan and carry out will be successful

Source: เคล็ดมงคล by นุกูล สิริตานันท์

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