Thai Food Pictures Quiz – I

Let’s have a bit of fun trying to guess what the food is in these pictures. Some you might guess without ever having set foot in the Kingdom of Thailand

(1) This first one is an easy one. They sell a lot in our city of Paknam. As you can see it only costs 5 baht per stick. What is the dried snack at the back of this picture?

(2) These ones are a kind of pancake sandwiches. Can you guess what the stuffing is?

(3) This is one of my favourites. First had it while in India though the Thais have adapted it a little to their own tastes. What is the name of this snack?

(4) This last snack is being deep fried. It is not really Thai but popular at fairs. The sharp pointy stick is a big clue!

If you think you know what the food is, make your guess by clicking on the “comments” link below. You don’t need to register in order to post a comment.

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