Buying Mobile Phones

First before anything else, I would like to congratulate those who have been reading my blog. Even though I get mixed comments on it. I also would like to provide information based on my interests and to the best knowledge I can. Sometimes, it might not suit other peoples opinions but if you decided to read my blog, please be acceptable to what I want to say. For those who kindly read and be acceptable about it, I dearly thank you for understanding my potential.

OK now, one thing that came across my mind is buying a mobile phone in England is very much different to Thailand. Here, you can either choose to buy mobiles PAYG(Pay as you go) or pay monthly. In Thailand it is quite different for pay monthly because you’ll have to buy a mobile outright then buy the SIM card which you’ll have to choose between pay monthly or PAYG. You can either choose to buy it outright without SIM card as well but you’ll need to have a SIM card already, otherwise it would not work without one. If you choose to pay monthly, you’ll have to subscribe to a pay monthly plan on top of paying the mobile outright. Now, the system here is slightly different where you;

1. Choose a mobile phone
2. Choose network (In Thailand, there are only 3 major ones)
3. Choose tariffs (plans), this would depend on how many total mins you want. The higher the price, the more minutes you get
4. Choose your number
5. Pay nothing until next month!

Here, you’ll need to pay monthly which is subjected to an either 12 or 18 months contract. Then the phone is yours after you are released from that contract which would be in 12 or 18 months subjected to what you signed in the first place. If you exceed your “free call minutes” you would have to pay according to the excession rate. By this way, I think it is better because you can own a lot of mobile phones if you cancel your current one and sign another at the appropriate time.

I recently signed one not long ago and was amazed by the price differences between PAYG and pay monthly. I can now save upto 10 pounds a month with a new phone! I wish some network would establish this method in Thailand.

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