A little about myself

Many blogs start out with a list, or similarly some sort of ‘mission statement’. I’m not sure I can be so organised, so apologies in advance to anyone hoping to better themselves from the thoughts I may from time-to-time come up with.

In fact, if betterment is your game, I really cannot advise seeking it with my blog. This is more than likely going to be somewhere I can post specific content that relates to my time in Thailand. I currently visit the Kingdom each year for a period of no more than two months. As with many visitors, I feel I know pretty much all there is to know about Thai culture and modern Thai life. As with many visitors, I am frequently proved wrong. With a little luck, this space will provide me with a way of seeing some sort of progression.

From reading over the other guest blogs here, it seems the norm to provide a little information about yourself before getting down to business. I study Philosophy which I one day hope to study in Chulalongkorn university. I own and run a small internet business. I live with my Thai partner in Oxford and I have been learning Thai and Japanese for a while now.

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