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Crazy things people google – 01

As it is the end of our first full month, I thought I might share with you some of the keywords people type in the search engine. Some of them are obvious but some are down right crazy. It is also interesting to note that most of the “sane” keywords come from people using google. The wacky ones are mainly by MSN users!

Let’s start with a few of the main keywords people are searching for. The obvious ones are “thai blogs” and “thailand blogs”. They top the charts. Then there are the less obvious ones like “branston pickle samui”, “bangsaen beach resort”, “thai music”, “oyster omlette recipe”, “thai people”, “fishing in paknam”, “pictures of obese people”, “vegemite mosquitoes”, “lucky colour”, “thai coconut chicken soup”, “mega bridge bangkok cable-stayed”, “mealtimes and where the food is eaten in thailand”, “htms maeklong sister”,”cambodia teacher”, “tom kha gai soup recipe”, “thaksin shinawat”, “lucky colour”, “total carbs per day”, “thai papaya salad”, “thailand atkins”, “not allowed to wear shoes”, “how many carbs should i eat a day”…. etc.

Now some of the strange ones. These are keywords which made me puzzled at first on how they found our web site: “sarcastic daily quotes”, “ladyboys bangkok”, “thai supermodel”, “oyster omlette recipe”, “the year of the rooster dos and donts”, “naughty massage”, “traffic jam in yaowarat”, “thai word for colonoscopy”, “thai no-hands restaurant”, “the mall bangkapi golf world 2005”, “golden rooster alarm clock uk”, “traffic jam in yaowarat”, “westerner-thai marriage success rates”, “pathumthani boring”, “asian pee”, “magnifying glass bangkok”, “loy krathong song”, “thai fruit cakes”, “naughty words in thai language”, “sin sod thailand”, “thai fisherman pants”, “wedding photos of obese people”… etc.

Can you guess whose blogs these keywords point to?

(1) “a guy singing dutch on the morning show”
(2) “pictures of hairy armpits”
(3) “too late wife pooed in her pants”
(4) “naughty goings-on in massage parlours”
(5) “girls pictures with out dress”

And finally, do you think the person who typed these phrases in a search engine found what they wanted?

“show me university school that give free admission letter to student for 2005 february in england”

and this… “statistics of people that take the last and don t go to law school”

Isn’t this a blog about Thailand?


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