Australia V England

As I used to study in Australia and I am currently studying in England. I would like to make an approach in the differences between the two countries. I think it would be a very interesting point to make from an international student like myself and to express the differences between the two countries which share a long history. I also want to stress about the good and bad points between the two countries in my point of view.



– Weather!
– The cost of living (twice cheaper than England)
– All round tourist locations
– More open to the Asian world (less racism) especially Melbourne and Sydney
– More food selection
– Very good environment for studying as people are more friendly
– Better and cheaper transport (especially Trams in Melbourne – much better than buses here)
– Better countryside location where it is more isolated
– People are more friendly
– Kool accent


– Can be very hot on occasions
– Not so many Universities
– quite small in population



– Can watch football often.
– More diversification in big cities especially London
– Can meet many people from different cultures
– Fish & Chips!


– Very expensive
– I do not like the sterling
– People are still quite racist especially in the countryside
– The Weather!
– The transport
– The food!

I think that should do it for now. So far, Australia for me is better than England. I can confirm this by strongly saying, I’ve never been to a country where everyone wants to go to Australia. English people are desperate to live in Australia when not a single Australian I’ve met wanted to come and live in England. It’s nearly 1 a.m. and I should head off to bed now.

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