Snowy Town

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I last blogged. I do really apologise for this as it has been a very busy 2 weeks for me. Life as a University student is always like this, you’ll get a period where you’re absolutely free and there are times when the work piles up on you and before you know it, you’re running out of time! This is what happened to me. It is not that I am lazy but it’s just the fixtures of due dates. From now, I only have 1 work left until the end of Easter (April). But before that, it has been absolutely packed with work! lol…… I even had to go into the University on Saturday and Sunday to work! However, it has passed me now and I’m ready to blog again.

Since Monday, the weather here has been very extreme. As meaning, it is super cold. Especially for a tropical country-born kid like myself. As a consequence, it has been snowing since that Monday when I went into town and passed Picaldilly circus. It was so beautiful! Everything everywhere now is covered with snow. I have never actually lived in an area where it snows before. Back in Melbourne, there are mountains that you can go to ski but the city itself has never experienced snow. This is because of the location. Melbourne is situated on a flat land and close to the sea which makes it more windy than other cities. I will take a picture and post it here on the weekend if I get a chance.

Today, I also received the long-waiting accounting result. If you could remember that I said only 30% of the 300 students made it through the 40% mark. For the University, this is a true disaster and to fix it, they had to keep the marks and examine it. After nearly 2 months of examination, they finally released the results. It was a breath taking moment for me as I have no idea how I went. As soon as I saw my marks, I was relieved because I was in that 30%! I actually got 68% which is considered a high mark. However, I wasn’t too satisfied with the result but I told myself, it’s better than not passing lol……. Accounting is my main subject for the course that I’m doing. It is the hardest subject and is weighted the most. If you do not study hard, you’ll definately fail. So I was very happy indeed.

It’s 20.00 here in London, it’s very cold. lol…. I think I am going to get some fish and chips from a corner ship nearby. Fish and chips is my favourite dish here. Ever since I’ve been here, I loved to go out and eat Fish and chips. In Thailand, we can make it too but they do not use cod. They use some other fish which is not cod and it doesn’t work out. I dont think English food is as good as Thai food, actually, nobody does. However, I’m here, I must eat whatever there is and if I survive the 3 years here, one main factor would probably be eating cod and chips.

I’m getting hungry now so I think I would probably leave it for today.

Bye Bye……

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