Thailand the beautiful

Hi, my name is Napoleon, but friends call me Napo for short. I’m a 27 year old originally from Mexico, but currently I’m living in California. I’d like to share with you how my love and appreciation for Thailand started. A few years ago, during my college years, my girlfriend at the time would always tell me her dream was to go a tropical place where she could swim in crystal clear waters, beautiful sand, and delicious food. One day I started looking for places with these qualities on the Internet, after looking for many hours, I found a website about Thailand. I knew Thai food was delicious because I had tried it before and I really liked it. I looked at pictures of Thailand, I came to find pictures about Koh Samui, instantly I knew this is where I wanted to go, beautiful ocean, good food, and very friendly people.

I started making friends from Thailand by instant message, as I learned more about Thailand’s culture, food and people, I felt even more attraction. Not only that did I like about Thailand, but one day one of my Thai friends introduced me to Thai music, when I first got introduced to Loso’s music I got addicted to their music. Since then I’m a big fan of Loso. Though I’m not with my girlfriend anymore, now my dream is to go to Thailand, not only Koh Samui but, I hope to visit all of Thailand, I find it to be an amazing country, full of culture, tradition, beautiful oceans, and the kindest people. As I see documentaries on TV, read articles about Thailand, I am more convinced that this is where I want to be. Call me crazy but at times I feel as if in a previous life I lived in Thailand and now I want to go back. To all, thanks for taking the time to read this blog. I’m a new member and I really enjoy this site.


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