Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine everybody. Sorry for not blogging yesterday as I had quite a tiring day and shall want to tell everyone about it. But first of all, I would like to thank everyone that has commented on my blog. Blogging has been really enjoying and reading the comments has been a motivation for me to carry on.

First of all I would like to respond to Seeker’s query about the Thai and English politics. As I said Thailand is going into the TRT era, this has been shown over the past 2 general elections. However, as years go by, people will start realising that by electing TRT could trigger a huge majority of MPs. This is a very bad news as there are about 500 of these seats available and TRT took about 400 of them over the last election. Of course all the MPs will vote Thaksin but sooner or later, people will realise that there isn’t enough opposition. In England, it is much different. Although everybody knows that Tony Blair is one of the strong candidates for securing another 4 years of the PM seat. However, people here are also fed up with the way that the government has been handling the war in Iraq situation but one big question mark is hanging in the air. That is, the force of opposition. This is a very common situation to the Thai politics as Britain has a lack of opposition as well.

Labour party under Tony Blair, here has been the dominating force over the past decade. Oppositions like Liberal Democrats under Gordon Brown and Conservative under Michael Howard have put up policies without knowing where they stand. In other words, the other opposition parties haven’t got enough attractions even though Liberal Democrats will not participate with Iraq to win the next election which will be held early this year. Lastly, most people here have not supported the war in Iraq but will have no choice but to follow Tony Blair for another 4 years until a decent replacement is found.

Valentine’s Day in England is very different to the Thai’s Valentine. Most people here usually go out for dinner or the movies. In Thailand, most people who celebrate this day are teenagers. However, sometimes they take it too far. Thai teenageers think that Valentine day is the day where you can get a chance of mating with the opposite sex. It has been very common in the past couple of years and short term hotels are usually fully booked. Normally, people here do not really think of it like that. It is a day where a couple celebrate their love life – not to just mate up. I think Thai teenagers thinking like this makes the Thai culture dissolve a little more. Teenagers in Thailand think of Valentine’s Day like fashion. It is definately not like that. For what I can see, not many teenagers here really care about finding a couple on this particular day.

Today, I also went to watch another football match with some friends of mine. I also bet on the football match. It is very interesting as the betting procedure here is very confusing. However, I never took betting seriously. I only bet a pound or two every match I watched to give me some enthusiasm. It has been very fun and I sometimes won!

Before that, I went to work with my group on my Law assignment. Law has been my toughest subject because I have no background of English law at all. Talking about law, I have a law 9 o’clock lecture tomorrow so I might have to rush now. I am also still very tired from playing golf from 8-10pm last night. It was the coldest golf I’ve ever played. hahahaha……

Anyway, got to go now, have a very big day tomorrow. Bye Bye….. Happy Valentine everyone

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